Sharon really knows the human body. I was having right joint shoulder pain and didn't know what was causing it. I talked to her and she asked what activities I do with that arm. After I told her that when reaching for something on an upper shelf, I stretch to get it, she said I was over-stretching my arm and should instead use my whole body to reach for things. That's all it took, and it worked! No more pain after that.
Ellen T.

Pukka’s ergonomic services are provided by licensed physical therapists who are also Certified Ergonomic Evaluation Specialists. They include worksite evaluations, corporate training/educational wellness seminars, and program design and implementation.

What is Ergonomics?

Ergonomics is the scientific study of equipment and workstation design for the purpose of improving efficiency, comfort, safety, or injury prevention. Examples of ergonomic changes to your tasks might include:

  • Adjusting the position of your computer keyboard to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Using the appropriate desk chair and adjusting it to fit and support you
  • Learning the right way to lift heavy objects to prevent back injuries
  • Using handle coatings or special gloves to suppress vibrations from power tools
  • Customizing home kitchens, bathrooms and work rooms to “fit” the people who use them

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